Where can you go for a free birthday meal?!

Question: Where can you go for a free birthday meal?
my bf's birthday is tomorrow and wondering if anyone knows where i can take him for a free meal if i pay for my own.


How about a place like Chili's or TGIF's? Call around, some of these places have a $20 menu for two. You get 1 appetizer, you each get your own entree and sometimes you also get a dessert to share. My daughter and I do this and have never been disappointed.

Wherever you go, enjoy yourselves.

If your boyfriend said he was taking you out to eat for your birthday and then took you to a place where he knew your meal was free, wouldn't you be kinda mad because he's being cheap? I'm not saying free stuff isn't great or don't do it, I'm just saying, watch how you sell it to him.

I think Red Robins might if you sign up for the birthday club thing

Unless you want to be poisoned, nowhere.

Your mom's

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