Cat themed food ideas for party?!

Question: Cat themed food ideas for party?
I am throwing a cat themed party for my daughter and was wanting to serve food that is related to cats. So far I've come up with these ideas..

*"kitty chow"
*litterbox cake
*gummy fish/swedish fish
*goldfish crackers
*cat shaped mac n cheese
*"mice cream"

What are some more ideas? Thanks!



that's it. :-)

Cut sandwich bread with a fish cookie cutter....serve tuna fish sandwiches.

Yes..."mice" cream is a cute idea (it's just a play-on words).

Here's an idea of making a cat from veggies: although it was originally for Halloween and supposed to be a "spooky skeletal" cat....I would just fill in the body using a fuller-looking cauliflower to make it look "fluffy"--just use your own creativity to change it up a bit --(like using a white dip that the kids would enjoy)....…

You can also make kitty cat cupcakes in lieu of the "litterbox cake" (I also agree that that particular cake is terribly gross and has no place at a party...whoever came up with that idea was nuts--people have used that for Halloween parties and even then it's bad). Everything else at the party has a fun, fresh feel to it....don't spoil it with the gross things.

I don't know if you're using the concept of mice in any other part of the party (like scavenger hunt for hunting down mice toys, etc)...but here's a good recipe for kids for making BAKED POTATO MICE:…

You could have little cat shape cookies made with a cutter, maybe your daugher could help decorate them or something too (if it's not a surprise party)
-Cat shaped jello (from a shaped mold)
-Miniature sugar mice
-Little pizzas with kitty faces on made out of toppings… <- this is super cute

litter box cake, that sounds gross, if you want to do a cake that's cat like, why not do a cake in the shape of a cat, im sure they have trays, i see cake making trays in the shapes of different things.
or do a multi coloured cake, of black, white, beige, and orange, because those are the colours that cats usually are.

decoration- stick with those colours

litter box cake? really? That sounds gross. instead, make cup cakes. First, frost them, then coat them in either coconut or broken up wheat thins (same look, but most people aren't huge coconut fans) to look like fur. Then make cat ears out of candy corn (or some other candy made to look like cat ears) then use piping frosting to draw on cat faces.

oops, by wheat thins i actually meant mini wheats, the cereal, not the cracker. You could also use chocolate shavings

party mix, meomix

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