Is this a good idea for a 16th birthday party?!

Question: Is this a good idea for a 16th birthday party?
So im turning 16 in August and i was thinking about inviting people to the beach. But is that enough? And im not sure if i should invite them to the beach during the day or at night.


Well since it's your birthday you can do whatever you want (within reason). If you want a beach party, you can do day or night. Or you can do both. Have it later in the day so it leads into night. Have fun, you only turn 16 once and its a great age! Have fun come August!

invite them in the middle of the day not to late you dont want it to be dark and you dont want it to early
wear an amazing bathing suit if you have long hair wear big curls it look amazing when you are on the beach

experience :)

Both! Invite all friends durring the day, have food, games, etc. and then have all the chick friends spend the night! That's what I would do if I lived near a beach.

U shud have some sort of source of music; that and the nice beach shud b enough. And invite them about an hour or two b4 sunset. Dancing under a beautiful sky like that wid be nice

hi there im alyssa im 14 i think you should invite them over during the day yall could hang out and tan maybe swimm and if you have any friends that can surf then there yah go!!!!!!!!!!!

day and night marty invite mtv

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