Why do you still need DJs nowadays?!

Question: Why do you still need DJs nowadays?
The technology these days allows music to be remixed easily and the music to be played can be preprogrammed by any staff. DJs are just overrated and do not add much value..Worse is they have big egos and they have been pampered to extent that they think they are rockstars. Party goers who worship such low life DJs are usually deadbeats who do not value themselves and need small fries like DJs


Well said!

A good DJ will interact with the crowd and get them dancing otherwise all your are doing is playing music and you may not end up ith to kany people out on the danc floor.

Also many people like to request songs. If you have a pre-programmed play list then who are they going to make the rrequest to and then people will be bummed and their attitude will go back on the host---individual or bussiness.

being a dj is just as much a job as anything else, some people like to have a actual person playing music. besides they can double as a host for a event. and talk to the crowd and get them excited and so on.

to play dumb boring music my dear friend which i bet u can't play....


to tell u the truth its because some people r just straight up lazy

Did a dj steal ur gf

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