Nautical theme or 70's? (sweet 16 party)?!

Question: Nautical theme or 70's? (sweet 16 party)?
Ok, so, I've never had a birthday party, and my mom finally agreed to throw a sweet 16 party for me.
At first, I thought it would be cool to do a 70's party, so I got a few books from the library and really didn't like the fashion (not all of it anyway, some was good) I thought maybe a 50's theme, but that's our school's theme this year, so I can't do that.
Since my birthday is in the summer, and it's going to be at a lake (that we happen to live next to) I thought it would be cool to do a nautical theme, but now I'm not sure T.T
I don't want it to be cheesy! What should I do?
Oh yeah, I'm also on a budget. It can't be too expensive.


Definitely do the Nautical can be fun and somewhat sophisticated at the same time. Make your colors blue and white...accent either with red or yellow (I like the yellow, adds more sunshine..but can add red in there, too).

Ideas for foods: shrimp cocktail, clam dip, shrimp scampi or even something as simple as fish sticks, or crab cakes or tuna on rolls.

Salads: tossed salad or cucumber, tomato and red onion salad or tomato-mozzarella bites on picks>>…

any kind of cold pasta salad or a shrimp salad or mac or potato salad
Or a pasta with pesto and shrimp

Serve a Blue Ocean Punch -- Dissolve a packet of blue Jell-o in two cups of hot water. Mix in two cups each of sugar, cold water and pineapple juice. Freeze until just before use, then mix with Sprite or ginger ale for a bubbly ocean-blue treat.

Can also float tiny boats in a punch
Serve "Chips Ahoy!" cookies...:D......set out bowls of "goldfish" crackers...add some Dips and "Ships"

Dress the table with a white cloth...add a runner in blue...add things like seashells and sand in jars with candles.

Hang a life preserver over a doorway or entryway to party welcoming guests--find driftwood to put around, use miniature lighthouses as decoration, hang up nautical flags in different colors.

Send invites out in a message in a bottle filled with little bit of sand and tiny shells--write it on white or ecru paper..singe the edges...add a cork and hand deliver...address your guests as Shipmates..invite them to having "oceans of fun in the sun".

Play music like Jimmy Buffet or reggae, "Sailing", "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay", etc.

Get a tug of war game going using thick rope

Nautical sounds cute! Hmm but on a beach! Fun fun! Beach theme sounds cool! Bikinis little flower umbrellas! Haha you can expand on those ideas but this option is really cheap to(:

Hope I helped!
Have fun(:

Do a nautical 60's theme, combine them (but do 60's instead of 70's)


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

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