What should a graduation party be like?!

Question: What should a graduation party be like?
I'm graduating high school this year and am definitely having some kind Of party but I'm very unfamiliar with entertaining. We rarely have company at my house so I really dont know what to do other than put out food.

Another thing I am worried about is whether to have 2 separate parties, maybe one for just my family and one for friends and teachers? I feel like that would make it less awkward but still I really don't know what do do to make it fun for everyone there.

The last thin I want is for everyone standing around looking at each other or sitting awkwardly. I don't know please anything helps I'm so bad at this.


My daughter graduated last year and we had one big party with family, friends and teachers. Teachers don't usually stay long because they have many other parties to go to. Put out photos of you growing up and make photo boards and set on a table for people to look at. Also make a slide show of you growing up. People will take the time to watch that. If you have any trophies, awards, sports jerseys or any other memorabilia about you, set those on a decorated table and people can look at those. If you have food sitting out for people to eat, they'll keep themselves busy and mingle with others. Get an iPod and play music during your party.

More graduation ideas can be found on www.graduationpartyplanner.com. Good luck and enjoy your big day!


Separate parties. you don't want lame parents interrupting your groove!
- beer always helps LOL (seriously)
- Beer pong, swimming pool
- DJ
- Bounce house (if you wanna skip on the beer...)
- Glow stick party
- Dance music (Tiesto)

Had many, many high school parties thrown before.

it should be enthusiastic party and night out why not have a party where everyone meets...
...don't kinda know about this helpful.. :D so that your parents know what kind of friends and teachers do you have~ :D

it should be a party where there are no parents lots of drinking and fun galore. make sure there is good music and then people will loosen up and start drinking and having a good time

trust me

booze and lots of girls. it is ur last day at high school, from then on u become legal.

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