How to make the best ice cream sundae ever?!

Question: How to make the best ice cream sundae ever?
Since it's Spring I wanted to make a good ice cream sundae. Please dig up a great ice cream sundae recipe! Thanks!


Large scoop of: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry Ice cream
Vanilla: topped with m and m's
Chocolate: topped with white chocolate shavings or buttons
Strawberry: topped with cream of pineapple(crushed up pineapple)
Whipped Cream on top with nuts(walnuts or peanuts), if you like, and hot fudge sauce topped over the whole sundae and the thing that tops it off, A CHERRY ON TOP!
Have fun eating your sundae! :)

here's my personal recipe:
a load of can covered with a sh*t load of chocol8 can also put some ice cream if there's space

vanilla ice cream
caramel sauce
spanish peanuts

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