why do people post parties in here there is a separate area for that on yahoo.?!

Question: Why do people post parties in here there is a separate area for that on yahoo.?

the community guidelines are rarely followed in any category.

Sorry, I can't find another category to which questions about parties would come under. The "Entertaining" category is where they go, which is a sub-category of "Food and Drink". Therefore anything asked in Entertaining will show up in the Food and Drink list. If you are able to find another category which parties would fall under besides Entertaining, then I stand corrected. But I just looked myself and did not find one.

What I find annoying is how questions about drugs and getting drunk and such end up falling under Food and Drink, because there is no where else for it to go. I'd be more upset about that if I was you.

There's a difference between Entertainment (in the sense of music, TV, movies, and other media) and "Entertaining" (the process of hosting a party). The Entertaining sub-category that come under the category Food and Drink is the proper place for questions about parties.

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