costume party ideas needed?!

Question: Costume party ideas needed?
well. im going to a dress up party next friday , and i want the base of my costume to be a short orangy pink dress i have, any ideas on how i can add stuff so im dressed up as somthing??


You could be a candy corn witch. You could tease your hair and buy a pointy hat that matches your dress, you could also have spider like leggings, and wear make-up to suit the costume. You could wear black heels too. Or for the leggings you could also have them colorful with orange, white, and yellow.

Or you could have a carnival costume. For this you could wear a feathered mask, that matches your dress. You could wear matching boots, and matching leggings.

Another idea is you could be a butterfly. Your wings could match the dress. You could wear black leggings and have ballet slippers for the shoes. You could wear a headband that looks like butterfly antennas. And wear makeup.

Or you could be a fairy, from Tinkerbell or your own fairy.

Another idea is an angel look. You could wear angel wings, a halo, and do your hair fancy. Don't forget the makeup! You could also wear fancy gloves, and nice shoes to match the base of your costume.

Another idea is to do a Hawaiian look. You could wear a hawaiian flower in your hair, and a flower necklace, You could also wear something that looks like grass sandals for the shoes.

You could also go for a Hollywood look. Wear some big sunglasses, chew gum, and wear so much makeup that you won't recognize you. And some high heels.

For the first costume here is a link to help you:…

For the second costume here is another link to help you:…

For the third costume here is a link to help you:…

For the make-up on the third costume here is what you could do:…
just without the sparkles and in the color you want.

For the fairy one here are the fairies from tinker bell:…

For an angel here is what you could do:… (just make the costume with your colors)

And for the Hawaiian girl:… (just wear your dress, instead)

No website for hollywood look :(.

You could add wings. You could go for the angel look.

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