Slumber Birthday Party Help..?!

Question: Slumber Birthday Party Help..?
Im having a slumber party for my birthday and I need help with some ideas for the party.
like games, food, decor, party bag ideas and anything else. Im going to have 3-5 friend round and we will be sleeping in a tent.- if that helps.... Thanks xxx


FOOD: pizza (OR] hotdogs with chips & dip , pickles, and sandwiches. DRiNKS: sprite,coke,gatorade, or water .!
DECORATION: pink&&black polka dots!(: with pink and black with a little silver everywhere.
PARTY BAG: your favorite theme I guess!:/
GAMES: idk LOL you shoulda said your age it woulda been better. But play girly games.
-watch scary movies
-dance until you can't dance anymore
-invite BOYS, if your old enough.
-do each other nails and hair.
Just have a NICE time. Hope you have fun

I personally do this at sleepovers:

Once it gets to be around dinner time me and my friends will cook something ( Homemade mini pizzas are fun and super easy)
Then watch a movie or tv for a while untill my parents go to bed then we either go insane on sugar and crash at 2 in the morning or we do this
take videos
make dessert ( cupcakes work awesome)
and talk
But I think this is really fun
Have the girls bring like old t-shirt and shorts or like a skirt or dress or something like that and redesign them then have a fashion show!

dont plan too much just go with the flow and have fun!!


ummm pizza is always cool food to have with friends and some good things to do is watch a scary movie while eating pizza and then pull pranks on the people that already fell asleep and then just talk all night long in your tents cuz your scared to go to bed cuz you whatched a scary movie lol

I found party bag at

It's AMAZINGIt should be useful.

some good ideas here:…

tell ghost stories
play flashlight tag
roast marshmallows
or have a big scavenger hunt

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