How to throw a fun pool party for my birthday?!

Question: How to throw a fun pool party for my birthday?
My parents were all of a sudden talking about my birthday. My dad said we should do a pool party at our community pool in our neighborhood.
There's a grill and picnic tables and chairs, so my dad will cook hamburgers and hot dogs.
I want it to Like a little theme. We'll bring a cooler and I want to decorate the cooler. Not draw on it because it's my dad's but like tape things onto it. What drinks should I stick in the cooler? Everyone I'm inviting is not allergic to anything. No one is organic. Or a vegetarian.
But of course there's the ants and flies to worry about. I was wanting to have like chips and dip out but then I was like ''Wait the flies.'' but there is the center part of the community that has the restrooms and like many many many tables and chairs and ice and stuff. So I thought about using that to eat in because there won't be much chairs. So any ideas with food so there will be enough and ideas for drinks and a little theme not a big one. It'll be like on a Friday so after school and so like 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm or so.
Sorry for the long story.


Im your age:) Im turning 12 on May 2!

1. Put coke cans, hawaiian punch, water bottles, sprite, gatorades, any drinks in there! Another good idea is put popsiciles in there:)
2.Chips and dip, a whole tray of cookies, popcorn, cupcakes,cheese puffs, chips (doritios, lays, etc.). Just go to your grocery shop and look in the junk food aisles:P

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Goody luck!
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lots and lots of bear and or alcohol is the best way to go.

Since it's a pool party, go with a beach or hawaiian theme! You can have leis for the guests, and have flowers in your hair. It will also look good with the swimsuits! You could also give out cheap sunglasses as party favors.

Have lots of sodas, fruit punch, etc in the cooler. Get some fruit from the grocery store and cut it up and make fruit kebabs! Yummy snack that fits right with the theme. Chips and dip or salsa is also a great idea. M&Ms are easy to keep in a bowl on a table and everyone loves them! Go pick out your favorite party foods at the grocery store, and think COLOR! Bright and cheery is always best!

Happy birthday and hope it's lots of fun!

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