Why am I nervous to have my birthday party?!

Question: Why am I nervous to have my birthday party?
I just invited 10 other people but it seems intimidating and overwhelming because 10 people to me is a lot of people and we are going to be at this fancy restaurant... I feel really nervous why is that? And how to I stop this unusual nervousness because they are all girls...


being nervous is normal.only worry if your not nervous

this might be because u fell like u have to look after all of them or
ur nervous of what they will think of the night

just dont over think your party, just relax and you will be fine
if ur stressing the whole night ur not going to have fun ON UR OWN BDAY!!

hope this helps :)

maybe you are shy and you know that at the party of your birthday, you will become the focus. you can regard it as a chance to adapt the situation.

happy birthday

are they close friends or just people you hang around with? good friends there would be no nerves,stress if they are people you hang with well mcdonalds would do

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