Any suggestions for what food to serve at my DD's bday party?!

Question: Any suggestions for what food to serve at my DD's bday party?
My daughter is turning 5 in about two weeks and we're having a birthday party (My Little Pony theme). We have invited about 80-90 guests ( but I'm expecting some people to RSVP that they can't make it). I LOVE to cook for big families but for some reason I canNOT think of anything that would be easy but pleasing to a crowd this big. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ham buns are out and I would really like it to be budget friendly. Thanks in advance!


I hope you have a big kitchen!
Most kinds of pasta are easy and you can make it inexpensively. Green salad and some garlic bread, fresh fruits, angel food cake and ice cream for dessert. Or cupcakes with a My Little Pony theme.
Chili and cornbread.
Pot roast with veggies and sourdough bread.
You might want to get some of the Hebrew Kosher hot dogs and PB&J sandwich options for any picky kids and a little mac n cheese.
You could make a couple turkeys or brisket or roasted chickens.
BBQ sandwiches with coleslaw, pasta salad or potato salad.

a big pan of mac and cheese and one of lasagna some veggies and dip and a fruit plate, if you do any kind of PB make sure there are no allergies good luck and have fun

mac and cheese, pizza, cupcakes, why dont you hire a magician? That's really good they do balloons, they make cotton candies, alot of fun for kids and adults

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