3 yr old party etiquette?!

Question: 3 yr old party etiquette?
So my daughters 3 yr old bday party is SUPPOSED to be June 1st but we have another baby on the way and decided to host her bday party on May 14th (im due 10 days later) that way she can have the day to herself and not have family oggling the baby and ignoring her. Turns out my inlaws wont be in town during that time and have asked to have a super early birthday NEXT WEEKEND. Thats fine because we arent doing much BUT they are old school chinese and we dont know how to cook good chinese food for them. The grandparents in law are great but the inlaws...not so much. We asked them if they would pick up 1 dish from china town (im talking $10.95 worth of food) to bring like a pot luck to our house. That way guaranteed the grandparents would have something to eat and my daughter has a good selection of food because I KNOW she is not going to be focussed on eating. The inlaws are bitching about this. The grandparents say its fine. Im pissed off they are complaining considering that I moved the date for them so they can celebrate with their only grandchild. Is this really too much to ask?


Nice grandparents your baby has...no it's not asking too much, and what, the grandparents can ONLY eat Chinese food? Get over it, this ain't China, there is other food available, so if they don't want to pick it up, get whatever is easiest for you. Especially if their son/daughter doesn't want to stop to pick something up. I'd just tell the great grandparents, well sorry, but your lazy son/daughter didn't want to stop and get any Chinese for you!

Invite them to an afternoon gathering that does not include a meal. Ice cream and cake is sufficient. Is is about the sweet little girl's birthday, not about the grandparents. As you said, she will not care about the eating.

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