Birthday Party Ideas?!

Question: Birthday Party Ideas?
Ok so I am having my 14th bday party in 2 weeks. I am having 10 girls go out to dinner, do a bonfire & play games & music outside, and then sleepover. I need any game/snacks/movies/cake/theme/song ideas...Your help is really neededd..Thanks!!(:

p.s. No innappropriate songs or parents are kinda strict! Can watch pg-13, but no R.


ZEBRA THEME ! oh yes , zebra cake with pink super pretty ! a comedy movie for sure / songs .. s&m by rihanna , sparks fly - taylor swift , justin bieber ! alot of songs are good , take over control -afrojack , tonight i'm loving yuo - enrique iglesias , GAMES .. twister ; truth or dare ; SNACKS bowls filled with different kinds of chips hot cheetos doritos etc.. i'm 14 ALSO ! :D
HOPE I HELPED :D has an awesome teen section that has TONS of cool party games. You should take a look at the:

Teen Bonfire Party Games at…

Slumber Party Games at…

~ Have Fun

Hannah montana theeme & the backyardigans cake. perfect

Glow in the party in Which you enjoy most

Glow in the dark party

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