I need some party ideas really bad!!!?!

Question: I need some party ideas really bad!!!?
Having a Luau theme bbq for my family and friends. There will be a variety of ages. I need some really cool ideas to keep everyone entertained. We will already have music and Hawaiian themed food. I really need some ideas for games for the kids to play. HELP! any ideas will be so greatly appreciated.


Hope you plan on getting wet at the party :D....can do water balloon toss...

Can do pass the wet sponge game: have 2 teams and a pail of water & big sponge for each team...also place another empty bucket about 6 ft in front of the water bucket for each team. On go: 1st person in line (they all stand behind one another) soaks sponge and passes it overhead to person behind until last person gets it>>then he runs up to empty bucket and squeezes out water and takes the 1st person place in line and everyone moves back one place. Keep going until either a line is reached on "empty" bucket or after going 2 times each, the one who filled it up the most is the winning team.

Marbles game: place about 100 marbles in a tub of water for each team...give each team player about 30 seconds to fish out as many marbles with their toes....team collecting most wins.

Game: 2 teams: each has a "good sport" sitting on ground holding an empty 2-liter bottle on their heads. Teams have a bucket of water and empty cup>>on go, team member fills cup and goes 6 feet to "good sport" and carefully empties cup of water into bottle. Team who collects most wins.

Island Hopping: make an obstacle course. Use cardboard pieces for the "islands"..can glue on paper flowers or draw, whatever. Make up instructions on what team members have to do going from one island to the next. (Example: carry a plastic fish between your knees to the kids' wading pool and drop it in. Then have the pool filled with water and lots of balloons floating in it.....next task is to sit on a balloon in the pool til it pops to get to the next island. Next island can have bag of "tourist" things for person to put on (like sunglasses, camera, tote bag, sandals, map, etc) and then they have to run around a palm tree, return to island, remove items and put back into "suitcase" type thing. If you want to do teams...then have 2 suitcases or totes filled with items for the teams.

(For a palm tree...use either a real tree in your yard for them to go to, or use a bunch of green helium balloons weighted down by a rock.)

Coconut bowling: fill 2 liter bottles partially with kitty litter or sand to weight down the bottoms...put caps on so sand doesn't spill out. Use coconuts as bowling balls. Can make it more interesting by having 2 teams and doing the "Bingo Bowl" template for teams to complete: here's game rules...
here's the site with Funky Bowl and Bingo Bowl...just click on it to see page for the templates...


Some other bowling ideas:
Bowl using your opposite hand
Chicken bowl - cluck like a chicken while you throw the ball
Bowl backwards through your legs
Bowl while using only one leg
Tunnel Bowl through the legs of 4 birthday guests
Sit on the floor to bowl
Slow motion bowl
Light's out - Bowl with your eyes closed (or blindfolded)

Before the party write down as many crazy ways to bowl as you can think of - cut the ideas into strips and place them in a hat or container. During one of the rounds of bowling have the guests choose a piece of paper and they must bowl their two frames by doing the action that is on the paper

Give out fun awards: Best hula dancer, best Hawaiian shirt, Best Island tan, Craziest Sunglasses, Best Beach Hair, Best Bermuda Shorts, Funkiest Flip-Flops, Longest Hula-Hooper,
slowest bowling (give them plastic turtle)...fastest bowler (give them a toy rabbit), The Most Spares (give them coin purse with "spare" change),

For very young kids...can get a kids' plastic bowling set from a dollar store for them to use.

For kids: attach a muffin tin to a slanted cardboard for them to roll a ball and get it into one of the muffin cups. Have prizes assigned for each hole (candy, trinkets, stickers, lolllies, gum, etc)...can repeat prizes for the cups. Paint or decorate the cardboard...maybe make it look like a surfboard or something and paint the rest blue like water and waves.


Check my site out is has some really great ideas for Hawaiian Luau parties, ideas for decorations, games, and food and tropical drinks. It gives you some good ideas on how to set the scene for your party using stuff you have and some cheap things you can buy.

Here’s the link to the main Hawaiian party ideas page but there’s links there to other pages for ideas on decorations, food, drinks and games.


Great idea for a party hope you have a great time.



It's not glamorous, but it'll have everyone talking about it after!
Give everyone a whipped cream bottle wearing either swimsuits or old clothes and...spray it at each other! You can make it kind of like laser tag where you have teams and you try to just shoot each other, or you can organize a certain game where if you lose or get a question wrong or something, all the other players get to spray him/her with whipped cream! When we did this, we were talking about it for months after. It'll definitely be a party to remember!

Well there are many kinds of party games here is some names below:
Family Memory Match, Genealogy Game, Family Bingo, Family Photographer Game, Family Trivia, Two Truths, One Lie. if you want to know that how to play these game so just ask to me one of these I'll definitely tell you thanks.

Fun Hawaii theme games to enhance your luau or Hawaii theme ...
Over a dozen fun Hawaii theme games to enhance your luau or ... Resources to learn to play without ... on Hosting a Hawaiian Luau Anywhere Hawaiian Theme Christmas Party Ideas
alohafriendsluau.com/games.html - Cached
Ck out the above site many game ideas for real some sound like fun.

For younger kids you could do limbo that always seems like a fun hawiian themed game. you could also do a hula hoop contest and have the kids wear fun grass skirts maybe give out prizes to the winners? hope this helped!

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