What should I do at my 14th birthday party at home?! Help please!?!

Question: What should I do at my 14th birthday party at home?! Help please!?
Hello, I'm 13, going on 14. It's my birthday on Sunday, and I'm having a party with about 10 girls at home, but I have no idea what to do. Please suggest any ideas/party games of what we can do! Thankyou :-)


Have a cupcake war

Have lots of decorating supplies and cake mixes,also cup cake tins and wrappers

Divide into 5 teams-and have 1-3 judges

Round 1-The taste round: have every one put a secret ingredient into their cupcake to make it better best tasting cupcake wins! The top 3 teams move on

Round 2- The decorative round: have every one decorate 3 cup cake with different ways but all need to be related to a them Such as easter or summer. Best decorated cupcake trio wins! Top 2 teams move on

Round 3-The Creativity round: have every one can do WHAT EVER THING THEY WANT to make 3 special cupcakes

Have a food fight out side

By really cheap food (from the dollar store) and bring it out side. then start a food fight!!






First of all, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! <3 I'm turning 14 in May :) if you can't go out, play video games, watch scary movies if it's night time, play truth or dare, do eachothers make-up and nails, idk too much about party games, sorry XD and just be really loud and hyper :D hope you have a great party [:

EASY! Check out the awesome teen party games at http://www.queen-of-theme-party-games.co…

They have TONS of cool party games that you can play. just pick out the ones that fit your style and personality.

~Have Fun


good food, cake ice cream
treat bags for each girl with bday stuff inside
pin the tail on the donkey
pinata (who cares if you're not mexican)
make overs

truth or dare,pillow fight, sneak boys in or somthing,bubbles good luck

maybe a barbeque or a pool party

watch a movie and eat a lot of food

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