Help with my 16th birthday party!?!?!

Question: Help with my 16th birthday party!?!?
Okay, so my birthday is in 2 weeks and i really could use some help.

Im inviting 12 girls over and i dont know what to do. If I have it at my house what should i get for food and how do i make it so its not a snoozefest?! What is something we can do?

PLEASE HELP.. thank you soo much :)


Mine too! Except im turning 14 on April 16th(;
what im doing is having 10 girls go out to dinner at a make-it-yourself pizza place, then come back to my house to do bonfire and play games and music outside, then do presents/cake, then watch movies and do nails and crazy makeovers and prank calls and sleepoverr! Its fun and easy goingg(;
April Buddies(: hahaa

two weeks?! you better get planning girl!

since there are only 12 girls coming over food should be a breeze.
pizza (always a winner, everyone likes it and there are so many varieties!)
you could even buy the materials and have everyone make their own personal sized pizzas.
you haven't mentioned a theme so here are good ones for a small group:

Roaring 20's
Dance club

if you have it at your house, you could have music playing and have a magazine scavenger hunt or something. you could also watch movies and play board games.
decoration is key. it's your 16th birthday! so go nuts!!! (:

i was also going to do this for my 15th birthday but eneded up not doing it. I think it would be really fun for a group of girls that size
go to your local tea room or party place and have pizza or finger sandwiches. it does not have to be formal. you could also set up karaoke and have little contests. this idea would be great for a group of girl maturing into young adults, bbut still be able to have fun

hope i helped!!! (:

My friends and I did this same thing and it was so fun!
Give everyone a whipped cream bottle and go outside wearing either swimsuits or old clothes and...spray it at each other! You can make it kind of like laser tag where you have teams and you try to just shoot each other, or you can organize a certain game where if you lose or get a question wrong or something, all the other girls get to spray her with whipped cream! When we did this, we were talking about it for months after. It'll definitely be a party to remember!

For food,
Make a build your own pizza station. Or if you don't want pizza, make it a build your own pasta or stir fry station...something build your own:)

everyone could come dressed as a different celebrity in their runway dresses and when they walk up to the house it feels like a runway

I two weaks

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