Board Game Exchange/Party Costume Idea?!

Question: Board Game Exchange/Party Costume Idea?
I have a board-game exchange between my fraternity and a few sororities tomorrow, and need a good idea for a costume. A few examples are dressing up as "Sorry" player pieces and on the back of your shirt writing "Sorry for Partying."

Any ideas would be great, since I have to study most of tonight and tomorrow and I'm not that creative as it is!


Got a black suit and a top hat? And a briefcase, a cane, a mustache....stick Monopoly money all over you and go as the Monopoly Money Guy…

Pass out "Get out of jail free" cards to everyone (print some up on paper)

OR...dress yourself up as a piece of candy or a lollipop and go as Candyland....write on it "I'm a sucker for a good time!"

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