What is a non-alchoholic punch to serve at a cupcake bridal shower?!

Question: What is a non-alchoholic punch to serve at a cupcake bridal shower?
I've tried to search online for some ideas but I'm coming up empty. I have found several punch recipes but my concern is that a lot of them are very sweet and having a super sweet drink along with the cupcakes seems like overkill. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


equal parts orange juice and Cranberry juice with some Gingerale to give it fizz and you can sweeten it up with a touch of grenadine

welches fruit juice
sparkling cider
virgin margaritas
fruit punch
apple cider
*I mean the list is endless so you really have a lot of options*

Oh, and how old are you and the women attending your bridal shower? If your bridal shower attendees are at least 16 and older, you don't have to worry about too much sugar being overkill. I like the idea of not having alcoholic drinks at your party ( I don't drink either). However, you're only going to have one bridal shower (hopefully) so have fun with it and go all out!
Oh, and congrats on the the engagement

real life reality coach in the making

ginger al
sprit e

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