Nautical sweet sixteen party ideas?!

Question: Nautical sweet sixteen party ideas?
Next year, for my 16th birthday, I want a huge nautical themed party. I have always loved sailing and cruise ships and ANYTHING that has to do with nautical stuff.
I live on a lake and have a huge (like really really huge) backyard. I want to have my party there because i can have more people. My friend and I are going to be sharing this party (possibly) and we go to different schools so there will be a lot of people. It is going to take place in April, the month after my birthday and the month before hers. We will invite everyone we know and hopefully a lot of people will show up. It will be a dinner/dance party with volleyball on the beach and fireworks that we will be watching from boats or tubes in the lake. I need to know if it would be possible to make this party sort of formal even though people will probably want to swim in the lake. I also need some more decorating and food ideas. Here are our ideas for the party so far. please tell me what you think about them and give me more ideas if possible! (:

navy blue and white with gold accents

lighted pathway leading to the side of my house where there will be either a giant life preserver or pier entrance archway.
fish nets and lights strung through my trees (i have a ton of trees)
Blue, white, and gold balloons everywhere.
Navy blue and white table settings with gold accents (candles etc)
A nautical sign with planks pointing towards activities and places
anchors placed randomly on the sides of the yard

shrimp cocktail
Hawaiian pizza squares
crab rangoons (those things u get at chinese places that are soooo good)
pasta bar with different sauces and optional seafood toppings
garlic bread
goldfish crackers
assorted cheeses and crackers
nautical themed pastries
a huge cake (duh)
and either smoothies or punch

volleyball on the beach
various games (need ideas please)
fireworks (possibly watching from the lake)
maybe a nautical inspired scavenger hunt?

i also wanted to build a stage for the DJ, cake, possibly a live band, and other important things in the center of my backyard (in between the lake and my house). I would love to build it a the shape of a sailboat with steps leading from the center of the front of the stage to the bottom of it to a giant dance floor. it would also have a giant sail flowing from the center of it. is this at all possible and if it is, how? and how can i build it on a budget (under $900)

any ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated!!! (:


Sounds Amazing!

Food ideas
~ King prawns marinated in chili oil with a cube of mango on a cocktail stick
~ Fish 'n' chip cones (1 piece of battered fish with a few fries wrapped up in a newspaper cone)
~ Crab stuffed mushrooms
~ Scampi bites with tartar sauce dip
~ Crab claws
~ Blue jelly with gummy fish floating inside

Music ideas
~ Beach boys
~ Police - message in a bottle
~ Rod stewart - we are sailing

~ Goldfish bowl centerpieces with fish inside
~ Mini shells and mini starfish as table confetti
~ Small metal buckets with sand fill in then add lollipops stuck in

~ Get everyone to make a paper sail boat and have a Competition to see who's is the best and sails the longest,
~ Cabin crew - Get a tray with 6 glasses of water and they have to to a obstacle course who has the most water left is the winner
~ Tug of war

Hope this helps and that you have wonderful birthday!

Lulabelles xXx

It's AMAZINGIs that what you are looking for?

Well Try:

Mm...check it below.

AMAZING! Hope it helps

wow, it sounds like u have everything planned out, that will be a fun bday!!! 

Its a good and enjoying thing and you will have to enjoy most

It's not glamorous, but it'll have everyone talking about it after!
Give everyone a whipped cream bottle wearing either swimsuits or old clothes and...spray it at each other! You can make it kind of like laser tag where you have teams and you try to just shoot each other, or you can organize a certain game where if you lose or get a question wrong or something, all the other players get to spray him/her with whipped cream! When we did this, we were talking about it for months after. It'll definitely be a party to remember!
As for seafood, lots and lots of sushi! (or california rolls)
Happy Sweet Sixteen!

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