Birthday party ideas?!

Question: Birthday party ideas?
My sister is having a birthday party in may and does not know what to do. she does not want to do it on :
-TV shows
- Spa party
-Sleepover (maybe with one or two people)
-Pool party/ice skating (out of season)

Please help me think of ideas to suggest to her.


It's not glamorous, but it'll have everyone talking about it after!
Give everyone a whipped cream bottle wearing either swimsuits or old clothes and...spray it at each other! You can make it kind of like laser tag where you have teams and you try to just shoot each other, or you can organize a certain game where if you lose or get a question wrong or something, all the other players get to spray him/her with whipped cream! When we did this, we were talking about it for months after. It'll definitely be a party to remember!
Tell her happy birthday for me!

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