16th Birthday Party Ideas!?!

Question: 16th Birthday Party Ideas!?
So I am turning sixteen in a few weeks and I wanna have a low-key party. I am going to have 21 girls over to my house. I wanna do something fun and a little different so that it isn't just "hanging out." What do you think we should do? I live in NYC so we can obviously leave the house. Anything helps!! Thanks!


-Club~hire a DJ to blast music, get catering and make sure to have plenty of good drinks!

-Hollywood~make your friends feel like celebs for one night! Hire photographers to take your pics as you walk down the red carpet, then have a movie showing and some fun 'star' activities.

-Spa~this is good for a smaller party, paint nails, do facials & chill in the hot tub.

-Jewelry~get someone to come in and teach you and your friends how to make your own original jewelery. It's always fun to be able to tell someone that you made your necklace yourself!

-Makeup~have a Mary Kay consultant to come in and do everyone's makeup.

-Movie night~chill out & watch a movie! Be sure to have yummy popcorn, lots of blankets & pillows and a candy buffet.

Do eCards. They are easy. eCards can even be sent to facebook accounts now.

Party Favors:
Girly stuff like nail polish, lip gloss, lotion, etc.
Or fun stuff like candy, little toys that you loved when you were little.
Or cool stuff like an iTunes gift card, etc.

Hope this helps(:

This Saturday I'm havign my sweet 16th :) It's gonna be a luau birthday party with 16 people. It's costing about $250 which is cheap as far as parties go, and you should be able to make it way cooler as you live in New York :) have a great party and happy birthday :) x

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