How do you blow a bubble with bubblegum?!

Question: How do you blow a bubble with bubblegum?
I have been trying this for years and years and have never gotten this right. Are there any tips/tricks to getting a bubble right?


Put a piece of gum into your mouth and begin to chew it. The gum needs to be well moistened and softened up before bubbles are possible. Two to three minutes of chewing it should be sufficient to get it ready for bubble-blowing.

Stretch out your chewing gum. Using your tongue and top and bottom front teeth, stretch your gum out to form a thin, flat layer. Depending on the type of gum you are chewing, this may require more than one attempt.

Suck in your cheeks and blow gently out toward the layer of gum between your top and bottom front teeth. As you exhale, your lips should gradually come closer together.

Push your lips out slightly, while still blowing, to direct the bubble.

Stop blowing air when your bubble has reached your desired size. Blowing too much air into your bubble will cause it to pop.

Inhale quickly in order to suck your bubble back into your mouth before it pops. As you draw your bubble back into your mouth, the bubble may make a popping or snapping noise. Even with practice, gum may still get on your lips despite trying to inhale it without a mess.

Take the gum out of your mouth and dab your lips with it in order to pick up the gum that is sticking to your lips or cheeks.

Return your gum to your mouth and prepare to start all over!

I recommend Double Bubble or Bubblicious brands of gum because they will give you the best bubble blowing ability!

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Ughh, I know how you feel!!! I didn't learn how to blow one until last year, around September! People kept saying, "Just do this with your tongue," or, "Put the gum like this." But it never worked! So finally I just did it myself. I'll try to describe it as best as I can. So you kind of need to stretch a the gum into a thin layer on your tongue, then, kind of blow on it lightly. I hope I helped, but don't worry, you'll get it sooner or later!!! :)

Have someone else blow it for you then put it in your mouth and act like you blew it.

its a very special skill, that u would have been born with.. if u weren't thats very unfortunate


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