Is it possible to feel like a sandwich?!

Question: Is it possible to feel like a sandwich?
maybe it's because i didnt take my meds yet but i feel like a sandwich right now....


Sanwiches feel like people too!!

My sandwich tell me all its secrets.

I cant believe i am taking the time to answer a question like this.. you probably wont even read my answer lmao.

Well first lets grasp the perspective that every realm is a subrealm of logic, and that without logic the very existence that you have would be in non-existence because there would be no comprehension of that realm in your mind, therefore wouldnt be processed, THEREFORE wouldn't exist. Basically this means that things like ghosts could very well be real, however we will NEVER see them becase our mind does not comprehend it so even if we touched it, it would not impede hand movement. Our hands would simply go through because to the mind nothing is there. If your mind doesnt't understand something its non existent. THIS means that if your mind understood the world with its entirety, only supersceding you with a sandwich then, yes... yes you would very well be a sandwich.

What I just said is no proven theory, don't understand it to be. It is some weird logic on logic base thing I just thought of... nothing but philosophy.

sometimes i feel like a nut, sometimes i don't.

Sometimes I feel like a nut.

yummy....on brown wholewheat bread...

You don't look like one.

i suggest you get some rest lol

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