BIRTHDAY PARTY!?!!?!!!!!!??!?!?!

Question: BIRTHDAY PARTY!?!!?!!!!!!??!?!?
Im have a birthday party in like a week and i need ideas on what to do. i was thinking a candy theme but i dont know how to keep people entertained. what kinds of games would be fun of 13 year old girls?


Have a candy-sleepover! Rent some fun movies (romantic comedies such as 27 dresses and 500 Days of Summer.) Then have a movie marathon with lots of movie theatre-type candies, such as skittles and junior mints.

play candy land!

A fun idea would be to play simple card games (blackjack, crazy 8s, etc) and bet with candies (something small like peanut better cups.) Betting on any game makes it wayyy more fun.

Also, you could make gingerbread houses decorated with candy.

Finally, give out little gift bags with candies in them.

Candy theme:

I think that parties are more fun when there are different things going on at the same time, so that your guests don't get bored. Here are a few ideas to keep your guests busy.

If you have a Wii, get Just Dance 2 and have it set up for your guests to play. It is a really fun game and you don't have to be good at dancing at all to have fun with it(:

Do something unique, like a candy buffet! Get tons of candy [jelly beans, m&ms, skittles, kisses, etc.] and let each guest fill a Chinese takeout box with candy. This can also serve as their party favor.

Paint nails! What girls don't like to paint nails? Get bright colors that are candy-like and maybe even have different designs that girls can do. Everyone will have fun painting cool designs on each others' nails. (Make sure to have nail polish remover available.)

Watch a movie. It is the perfect ending to an awesome party!

Happy birthday!
Hope this helps(:

It depends on where it is, and if you guys are burly or Tom boyish
Clarify this and I could give you a million ideas

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