What is an ABSOLUTELY awesome theme for a 13th birthday party at a hotel?!

Question: What is an ABSOLUTELY awesome theme for a 13th birthday party at a hotel?
It's next month...I'm inviting 8 people and it's at a hotel. Let me know ideas....please. No gay wad 6 year old themes either. Thanks:P


Hiya Maddy,
It's xEsscencexofAzumix, again! (;

Well, with the details, you described, I would say these can be some good themes -

1) A Teenage Dream
You can play like Teenage Dream by Katy Perry, add some cloud hangers onto the ceiling, and things that you might expect in a Teenage Dream! (:

2) A Pool Party
What's more cooler than a Pool Party?
A Pool Party, Play Some Games in the Water, Throw Around the Beachball & Have Swimming Races, and so much more! (:

3) A Hollywood Party
A Hollywood Party,
You can ask all your friends to dress up in their favorite artists, band members, or any celebrity they know, you know, or everybody admires! Also, you can add like lights, a red carpet, a runway,and so much more!

You can have a stage at the end of the room, with a red carpet coming from the stage, with lights flashing but not too flashy.

Every one of your friends can dress up as celebrities and walk down the run-way with you and your friends taking pictures like Poparatzi playing Music.

Hope This Helped! (: <3

With Love, (: <3,
xEsscencexofAzumix aka Azumi. (: <3.

My Imagination! (:

hollywood super star
princess party

edit: since you're only turning 13, this was the best I could do but, a hollywood theme party sounds like a lot of fun. You could dress up as your fave celebrity and do the red carpet walk. IDk be creative.

Bloodhound gang - Foxtrot Unform Charlie Kilo

holly wood or candy land adult version

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