having a birthday party on saturday and need some fun game ideas?!

Question: Having a birthday party on saturday and need some fun game ideas?
a 15year old and camping so perferabally really fun


-Ghost in the Graveyard


-Never Have I Ever...

-Truth or Dare

-Pranks~have tons of available materials [shaving cream, feather, etc.] to pull pranks on the first people that fall asleep!

-Would You Rather...

-Scary Stories

-Haunted House

Hope this helps(:

"peep behind the corner"

basicly the person hiding is "it" and the other players have to go and look for them...
the "it" person has to run after the people when they get close enough and/or find them, there must be a safe spot (home) and whoever is tagged is "it" for the next go....sounds simple but in the dark camping with just a torch is so freaking scary....

or get a piece of A4 paper and you have to pass it to other people in a circle just using your mouth...every time you complete a circle you have to rip the paper in half...

Hide and seek is always pretty fun to play if you wait until night time. You could always try flashlight tag or capture the flag.


spin the bottle :P or truth and dare!! ahha love that

playing cards

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