Bday Ideas?????????? asap?!

Question: Bday Ideas?????????? asap?
It's my 18th in 3 weeks and I want an amazing night becuse I haven't really gotten out all year.
So far we thinking fancy dress
meal at my house
go to pub
then go to club
does that sound like a good night or can you think of something better?
Also what should I wear for fancy dress ?
pic of me -…
What should I cook?
Any other ideas to make the night amazing?


That sounds like fun! And it's always SO much fun to dress up in a party dress on your birthday! Keep all the eyes on you when you're out! =D Make sure to do your hair all cute too! And maybe a little crown??

As for food-- you're not wanting to go out to dinner with your friends? Usually your meal is on them when it's your birthday! If you're looking to eat at your place though, I suggest not really "cooking" much--you're going to be too busy getting ready.. and you really don't want to stuff people before you go out anyways do you? Make some finger foods--little boneless wings, meatballs, cheese tray, chips and dip, veggies and ranch, things like that! OH! and Jello shots!!! Everyone loves jello shots, and that will help jump start your night! :)

Happy 18th Birthday sweetie!

maybe make a japanese themed party for fun. cook some sushi, tempura or beef terryaki.decorate your house in japanese style put some red cellophane in the lights .put some fans or so whatever. my suggestion!!. you should wear a kimono maybe. you can also plan some activities like truth or dare,or if you want color up your nails try the nail colorama:
-nail polish (different colors)
1.spin the bottle and if the tip is pointed to someone,color her nail(only onenail per person's turn).

hope that helped

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