luau party ideas????????????!

Question: Luau party ideas????????????
I just need some fun ideas. i want it to have a real hawaiian vibe, almost as if you were actually in hawaii. i have a big backyard and a small - medium size pool. i am just havin a party its not a birthday and im 13. there is gonna be around 15 people in total. I need help with everything like invites (real not evite) mostly i need help with decorations and just some games that arent stupid and baby-ish. i thought of a tiki bar and limbo that is pretty much it.... HELP!!!!!

I know I am reposting but i really need help!!!


Go to the Dollar Tree or look it up online, that have alot of stuff for luaus. Nothing is over a dollar. You also might want to try Oriental Trading Post online, they have alot of stuff also. Buy some tiki torches, they don't cost alot. Kmart and I think WalMart sale them. Download some Hawaiian music.

For food, you can make fruit salad, macaroni salad, potato salad, rice, teriyaki chicken wings, ham with pineapple on top, pineapple cupcakes and of course lots of Spam. Make punch and put cut up pieces of pineapple in it. Buy bags of Hawaiian style chips.

For decorations also you can have pineapples and coconuts sitting around.

Just be creative and have fun. The Spam thing might sound weird but, it's not. My sons wife is Hawaiian and the food is what all of them eat. They do mix the macaroni and potato salad together though.

My Hawaiian daughter-in-law

Good day,
Lets start the party by making your own flower necklaces(leis)).Using real or silk flowers and threading onto pre threaded needles.(these will be your guest gifts) You also can buy a luau party kit for under 30 dollars.This come complete with invities and decorations.
Get a dvd on the dances of the island and grass skirts.Plastic pineapples or coconuts for your drinks. Rubber Ducky races..have all the guest write thier name on the bottom of each duck and have then blow across the pool..its big fun and the winning duck and owner gets a prize..hoola hoop contest, its big fun for kids of all ages...
But remenber be a good host and welcome all your guest, work your party, making everyone feel welcome and included. And a kid, being grown up is not all that...(i am a 50 yr Grandmother and event planner)
have fun and party like a wild and crazy teen....

pal trees
tiki torches
tiki bar
hula skirts and bras if ur comfortable with it hah
fruity drinks with the mini umbrellas in it
yes limbo
a Dj
lots of music
spin the bottle ? haha
play chicken in the pool
throw water balloons
put on the sprinkler
attack people with a hose! haha
take a bunch of pictures

and if you dont really like any of these ideas than just go with the flow. hah like decorate but for the games just go along with it and maybe your friends will suggest something. hope i helped! (:

I think when your guest arrive u should give them a flower necklace. Make a special area just like Hawaii like with a background n everyone can take photos there. u should also have a dance of to see who is best at a Hawaiian dance. for your invite u should add like a little flower to the side on a card.for the house decoration hang lanterns around the house get wooden chars one of those big umbrellas for were yall r gonna sit and eat. n it would also be good if ur having the party at night :) the website in my source has games

Hey! This Luau Party guide has everything from Free printable Luau invitations, fun Luau party games and decoration ideas…

Have a great party and have fun!

party at beach would be nice idea

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