How to pass the time?? I'm having a party in 3 hours and I can't wait!!!?!

Question: How to pass the time?? I'm having a party in 3 hours and I can't wait!!!?
My party is in 3 hours and I really can't think of any way to pass the time. I'm already watching a movie, but its not really working. I have nobody to call either. I'm stuck at home.


Just close your eyes and dream away thinking of how the party will be going etc. Depends on your plans.

I heard an expression once, which really works: "The best way to kill time is to work it to death." There must be some un-messy chore you can do to keep your mind occupied, such as straightening out your dresser drawers or putting your CD's in order. It keeps you occupied and accomplishes something at the same time!

Thats so exciting! I bet your party will be awesome! turn on some music and pass the time by daydreaming about your party.. thats what i would do (: also go over your party plans and make sure that everything is ready! get on the computer, play a video game, and if you still can't get ur mind off your party... just go back to daydreaming (:

how cool!
is your make up perfect?hair?if yes do not mess with them...don′t add more perfume either!why don′t you do your homework...
do a crosswordpuzzle!
have tons of fun!

Just two more hours to go!!

DEFINATELY bake bake brownies...mmmm mmmm gooooood....OR start on a craft! passes the time. :)

get ready!

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