Free refills at Arbys?!

Question: Free refills at Arbys?
legally are there any rules about bringing in the cup you had the previous day and using it?

I got banned from the restaurant today, and this guy was a complete ********.
I brought in the cup I had bought yesterday, he saw me bring it in, and didn't charge me for it, but as soon as he saw me putting soda in it he confronted me. I then offered to pay for it and got thrown out, and he also told my manager next door, and lied about the whole situation.....


sorry I know its rude for the guy to treat you like that but legally he has every right to refuse you a free refill. once you leave the building your right to free refills is forfeited.

Sorry but some gas stations might give you free refills when you buy a certain cup no matter what.

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