HELP planning surprise sweet 16 party for best friend? *****important!!!?!

Question: HELP planning surprise sweet 16 party for best friend? *****important!!!?
hi everyone so my best friend moved to a different state and shes turning 16. shes coming to where i live, over the summer so i wanna have a surprise sweet 16 party for her b/c she really hates where she lives and doesnt have many friends. so i wanna invite all her friends from here. however, i can only spend $ on food. heres what i have so far.
-decorations/food (covered)
-function center - everyone chip in hopefully, or if i can find someone with a big basement
-making the cake myself
-i will dj it myself

so, the function center is the main problem. i cant do it if no one is going to chip in. any other ideas for places i could have it for cheaper/no money??

thanks so much xxx


it's pricey, but you could try a hotel ballroom. i'm sure there are nearby pavilions you could rent too. one cheap place would be a park, but that doesn't seem too sweet 16ish. maybe a restaurant, but you already have food covered so there wouldn't be a point. honestly, at this point, somebody's house seems good. just really deck it up.

Would your house be okay? or maybe one of your friend's houses
or Save up allowance and do chores
maybe rent the school gym? (my friend did that before)
for my last birthday, it was in a hotel and they actually let us rent it for a low cost for the whole day
maybe a restaurant? ask your friends to bring money though ;)
or a rent a cabin

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Nearby park? thats all i got

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