I will be throwing my son a 1st B-Day party in May , is this appropriate to do?!

Question: I will be throwing my son a 1st B-Day party in May , is this appropriate to do?
will be throwing my son a 1st B-Day party in May , is this appropriate to do,i dont know many mommys with children my sons age so i plan to invite my sons calss mates in his daycare . If you where a parent to one of these kids would you take them to the party ? Or would you find it odd that i would invite them . I know it is kind of eraly to plan but i am already so excited


go for it. invite the parents/parent to come and the caregivers

i would go.

Unless I was friends with the parent(s) of the birthday I definitely would not attend. At that age I would limit the guest list to to his family &, if you wish, your friends that know him well.

My grandson recently celebrated his first birthday. Because he already has more toys than he needs, my daughter decided to turn it into a fundraiser. She asked that attendees bring donations for the food bank instead of gifts. I thought it was a great idea & it was a huge success. Everyone (especially the birthday boy) had a great time & a good amount of donations were collected, too.

Your son will not remember the party. First birthday parties are best enjoyed by family members and close friends. If it means a lot to you and you want the photos for years to come, go for it. But to be honest, I would keep it small and intimate. Although a house filled with screaming infants and toddlers hyped up on sugar will certainly inspire memories (you'd might rather forget.) Have fun. Enjoy. And Happy Birthday to Baby Boy!

Our Granddaughter had her 1st Birthday party in the garden as a BBQ. Plenty of food for the adults and children friendly snacks for the children. My daughter wrote the invites out asking the children to come and bring a "big friend".....she also asked more than she wanted thinking some of them wouldn't/couldn't come but they ALL came....it was a great day after my hubby went to the local butcher for more sausages and burgers....

Have a lovely day!

inappropriate for heavens sake!

He'll still be a blob on his first birthday and wont know what is going on. sooner wait till he's a few years older before making such a massive thing of his birthday or you'll end up with a kid who is spoilt which is such a shame.

You are the one person who can help him develop into a balanced human being and not be a self centred brat like so many kids nowadays. Sorry for the brutal comment from me!

I would not because like you said you dont know the mothers, nap times are usually the same times of birthday partys and first birthdays are usually mostly family anyway. Maybe throw him a party in the classroom and take pictures, then have your private family party.

it all depends, have you talked to any other parents from the daycare ( not going to get your son saying hi and bye to them, like going for coffee or lunch?) it all depends.

to be truthfull this partys about you not the child. his 1 he wont remmember do what you want. mabye you should record it and show it to him when he is 18

Frankly I think birthday parties for infants who won't remember anything are dumb. And classmates when only one year old?
Save your money and give him a real bash when he's 4 and can remember.

I think its fine to invite them and take lots of pictures he won't remember this but you certainly will have a great time.

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