What is a good idea for a girl's 13th year old birthday party. ***BEST ANSWER***?!

Question: What is a good idea for a girl's 13th year old birthday party. ***BEST ANSWER***?
Me and my friend are trying to think of original ideas for her 13th birthday party. It's in june so nothing like skating. The problem is that shes done everything that's a classic. She's done pottery painting, movie's, the beach, bowling etc. And don't say slumber party because we do that every year. So what are some places to have a birthday party, places to go as an outing, or original party games. please help -Thanks :)


A dance sounds fun. It doesnt have to be expensive just an ipod filled with good music, snacks, and a few decorations.

switch it up and do laser tag and vip bowling. it is classic party then head back to your house and do whatevs you want 2 do!

How about you fight with your husband. Then call the police for domestic birthday violence?

Limo !

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