What should I do for my 13th birthday party?!

Question: What should I do for my 13th birthday party?
I want boys and girls. I'm inviting about 40-ish people. I had a couple ideas.

Fear Factor Party
A "big kids" party. With disco lights and fog machines, etc.

That's all I have! There will probably be one 5 year old. And some 11-15 year old's.

People have just been so mean, so obviously not inviting them. I just want one day to take my mind off of them. I want some food ideas,some cake ideas, game ideas, and what theme (Not Alice in Wonderland type of thing. A Fear Factor, "Club", etc.) Thanks SO much in advance! Please be specific and no stupid answers!



Have a club theme!

Decorate your basement so that it looks like a club. Rent a DJ and set up a dance floor. Make sure to have plenty of food and drinks [you could even hire catering]. Have some games set up like Just Dance 2, which is really fun. Everyone will love it. You can set up some other video games. For the girls, have a nail painting station where everyone can do each others nails. If you have a ping pong, air hockey or fooseball table, people can play that. I think that the best parties are ones that have lots of stuff going on at the same time so that everyone can have fun(:

Happy early birthday..
Hope this helps!

partayyyyy! :D

Go crazy with what ever you think of.

i suugest no games may be a bit too litle kidy maybe games consoles kinect would be good or twister?? ;)

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