What is a good idea for a girl's 13th year old birthday party. ***BEST ANSWER***?!

Question: What is a good idea for a girl's 13th year old birthday party. ***BEST ANSWER***?
Me and my friend are trying to think of original ideas for her 13th birthday party. It's in june so nothing like skating. The problem is that shes done everything that's a classic. She's done pottery painting, movie's, the beach, bowling etc. And don't say slumber party because we do that every year. So what are some places to have a birthday party, places to go as an outing, or original party games. please help -Thanks :)


Have a bake off

Cup cake Challenge:
1.Break of into 4 teams and have a few judges
2.Have a secret ingredient table where they have to pick at least 2 and make a cupcake and then the best cupcake wins and the worst cupcake team has to be eliminated and then the other 3 move on to the decorative round
3.Have a decorative round where the teams get to make 3 cupcakes and the best decorated set wins the last place team gets eliminated and the other 2 teams go to the free style round
4.Have a free style round where they can make 3 random cupcakes and the team with the best set wins the bake off!!!

My daughter is 13 soon and she is having a climbing party. I don't know what is in your part of the world but here we have a couple of really good indoor climbing arenas.
Another thing she looked at was river rapid canoeing.

Sounds like she has done it all, the rest of her life can be boring like the rest of us. How about family night with just the family hanging out in front of a bonfire with some hot dogs and marshmallows...

Climb a mountain, go to Hershey Park, 6 Flags, Sleep Outside if you have backyard for the night.
For peoples birthdays, they can't even go anywhere for some people. Think how blessed you are to go somwhere for your birthday! :)

Just hang out at the mall then go to a restaurant after.

strip club

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