should i serve hot food or just snacks at my 21st party?!

Question: Should i serve hot food or just snacks at my 21st party?
.... because all but 2 of my guests are coming out to dinner with me before the party at 5;30 and the party starts at 8, so should i just have foods such
h as cheese platters savory shapes crackers chips kabana and sweets etc or should i also provide some hot food? ( the party is pretty much alcohol based)


If its going to be a big boozy party I definately would provide foods that are quite substantial as well as the cheese and crackers. Even though people are going for dinner too its a good idea for later on. Even if its just stuff like sausage rolls, mini pizzas...stuff like that. If every one is drinking alot you need some thing to soak up the alcohol. Good on you for being a responsible host.

If almost everyone is going to have dinner before the party then snacks should do. If you serve too much food, a lot of it will be left over after the party.

Just snacks. Chips and dip. You could do hot wings and jalapeno poppers and mozarella sticks too.

Formal = Hot Meals
Informal = Finger Foods

So yes, if you plan to party it out, finger snacks are more prefferable.

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