I Need Some Ideas for a Hitler Themed 4th Birthday Party?!

Question: I Need Some Ideas for a Hitler Themed 4th Birthday Party?
My son is turning four and is currently obsessed with Hitler. We decided to throw him a Hitler themed party for his fourth birthday. I have a few ideas but I need some more. We were thinking that the kids could come with little moustaches on, we could have candles and shape the cake like a swastika. We wouldn't invite Jews of course so no one gets offended. I was telling the my son's kindergarten teacher about it the other day as well and she told me it wasn't a good idea. Should we still throw this party or would some sort of do-gooder whine about it?


Print "Mein Geburtstag" on the birthday cards (My Birthday)

"We wouldn't invite Jews of course so no one gets offended"

Ummm . . . I'm offended at the very IDEA of this party and I'm not even Jewish. Plus you can count on pretty much anyone you invite, Jewish or not, to be offended. I'm pretty sure other parents and 'do-gooders" won't want their kids to play with yours after this party.

Celebrating a dictator who orchestrated the deaths of millions of people isn't something 4 year olds should be celebrating.

Honestly, if this is serious, I don't think the parents of the kids who are invited will even allow their children to go. Instead of encouraging your child you need to explain to him why someone like Hitler should not be an obsession. Unless you're skinheads, I can't really understand how a 4 year old has been so exposed to this man. And it's not about "do-gooders" whining... you may as well throw him a Charles Manson party for his 5th birthday.. catch my drift? Figure it out, or CPS may be knocking at your door.

No offence, but I do NOT like it. please don't get all "but I like it and its my kid not yours" on me but just because your kid likes that guy that (no offence) nobody likes, doesn't mean anybody else will like it. dude, when i saw your question, i was like WHAT?! A FOUR YEAR OLD LIKES HITLER?!?!?!?! and so yeah.

the diary of anne frank, my friends the jews (not 2 sound racist), the part of my brain the answers ?s

Sure! Celebrate history! You could throw a whole, live pig in the oven and gas him for food. Oh, you should definitely educate them about the Hitler Youth program. It's like Boy/Girl Scouts but way more cool.

I don't think many of your "friends" will send their sons unless of course, they are like you and are Neo-nazis. For your son to be obessed with hitler means he gets if from you

Awesome! The National Socialist Movement has a youth division. Sign him up!!

You find nothing wrong with that idea? You are seriously disturbed.

you think this is ok? takes all kinds i guess.



Ummmm... this is a pretty offensive idea for a birthday party, for any age, no matter what religion you are. How did you son become obsessed with Hitler at the age of four anyways? I would definitely not advise you to throw your son this birthday party.
And "some sort of do-gooder whine about it"? I don't know about you, but some people actually don't appreciate the fact that Hitler was responsible for the brutal murdering of millions of people... just saying. Some sort of anyone with half a mind would be smart enough to realize that it's a terrible idea.

Also, I'm hoping this question just some sort of stupid joke...

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