**EASY Q: Any ideas for my 14th birthday party?!

Question: **EASY Q: Any ideas for my 14th birthday party?
We will be going to a resturant (Bucca Di Beppo if you were wondering, an italian resturant) and I will be inviting 13 girls (who all know and are friends with each other).
Are there any activities to do there? We will be in the party room. I dont just want to eat and talk, that will be boring. Do you have any games that dont require a lot of moving or really anything to make it more fun? Thanks


There's a lot of games you could choose from. One I like is basically where you have ready a bunch of slips of paper with different names on them (they could be names of celebrities, teachers, or each other) and have enough for each of the people to have one. Then, one by one when the guests arrive you can give them their paper and then tell them to put it away and not show anyone. For the rest of the night (including at the restaurant) all of you pretend to be the person on your paper. The person who guesses the most impersonations wins! Have a fun prize ready for them. This is a silly but fun game me and my friends like playing.

Other fun and simple party games include truth (truth or dare without the dares). This can be really funny! Telephone, sounds a little young but makes for a load of laughs, and would you rather.

I hope I helped. By the way, italian sounds nice!

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ok mb try something like spin the bottle junior version or bring a fun bored game like pictionary its super fun and sold at walmart... or ask them what they want to do get to know them better.


get drunk.

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