Ideas for a 7yr old girls sleepover party.?!

Question: Ideas for a 7yr old girls sleepover party.?
My daughter wants a sleepover for her birthday. I'm already going to get her a DVD to watch and have them make their own pizzas and sundaes. I'm just kind of at a lost as to what else to do with them. We invited about 8 girls but I doubt all of them will make it.

What are some activities I can prepare ahead of time and some fun games to play?


Play truth or dare. Have two bowls or bags with printed questions and dares written on slips of paper.

Such as truth: What is your middle name? What is the silliest thing in your room?

Dare: Hop on one foot while saying, "I am great," three times.

buy some of those big marshmallows, not the extremely large ones, and play chubby bunny (you stuff one marshmallow at a time in your mouth and try to say the phrase "Chubby Bunny". but never inhale through your mouth. always inhale through your nose)
or play a CD that they could dance around too

Mybe do their nails? They will find stuff to do all on their own. They will love to run around and dance, maybe just talk. Put some clothes out for dressing up in, and put on some of their cd's or ipod playlists. Have them make a fashion show or photo shoot. Do makeup. Make jewlry. Paint.

Have them do like Americas Got Talent and have judges, and have the girls compete. or, do their nails or something like that :)

been there done that

Horror movie popcorn coke :)

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