How can I plan a surprise party for my best friend?!

Question: How can I plan a surprise party for my best friend?
So me and another girl want to organise a surprise party in may for our besstie. We don't have alot of money between us, only about 50-60 pound. So we couldn't hire a room so it would have to be at one if our houses. Any ideas???


I did a surprise birthday 4 years ago for my friends 15th birthday and me and a friend organised it at my house.
We invited all her friends secretly and asked eat to bring something different, one drinks, someone brought strawberries, someone crisps, sweets stuff like that, we basically did pizzas, crisps and finger food. We didn't do a full on buffet. I would do a chocolate fountain we marsh mellows, strawberries, bananas,grapes, fudge and even mini doughnuts to dip in. Get someone to bring an ipod docking station and everyone to bring their Ipod, also cd's and if you have a wii get them to bring party games like just dance. By balloons and banners when you see them, spread the costs out by buying bits at a time, food when its on offer.

Have it at one of your house's
try make as much food as you can for it especialy desserts cause the more homemade food you include the more of a friend she sees you as because its alot harder to make food than buy it in a store
buy lots of ballons and fill a table with food then bring her into the room with the lights give her an excuse and the SURPRISE!

she is your best friend right? figure out what kind of stuff she likes... you can get a lot of stuff at the dollar store (hahaha.. i guess the pound store?) and get a bunch of decorations there... if you need an idea for a theme, like i said you know what she likes, and if you go the dollar store or a decoration store it will give you lots of ideas!! just go with your friend to a mall or something and let the rest happen!

Like an outdoor can get little tiki torches pretty cheap to decorate your yard with...they light the way. Maybe you can get or borrow a cheap bonfire pit. We can get them here for around 20 dollars in hardware stores or like a Home Depot store. You could roast hot dogs/ marshmallows then. throw a beach ball around.....put up some streamers in the yard.....

well you could chose a good size room and decorate it with a designs that the person likes,
are cook their favorite dish and bake a cake and put happy birthday and ice cream.

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