What should i do for my 12th party?!

Question: What should i do for my 12th party?
Im turning 12 in june nd im not gonna have a party till i turn into a teenager! Im gonna have a huge party for when im a teen! So anyways i was thinking of doin something with myy mom nd dad like go to a concert! I was thinking bout a black eyed peas concert!!! Any other ideas?!


I just turned, 14 and had a blast for my 13th bday party! For when I was twelve, yeah I had a party, but u could Probably do this; go see a movie, go to ur concert it will be fun trust me I went to one for my 13 party!! I wrote a sign that says: (scribbled black marker marks), an eye, and 4 peas!! I thought it was cute! Haha :P be creative: go to a water park or worlds of fun, go shopping! Sit around and eat cake and ice cream watching re runs of MASH! (oops, did I just say that out loud?) lol do whatever floats ur boat! And be very excited for teenagerism!! It's fun getting to do stuff u used to not be able to do (like riding the big kid rides at the park!! Lol jk:)) I'll have fun I know it, what with me I'm excited about being a freshman! (ahhh advanced tech class haha jk) have fun and I'll be seeing u on the other side soon! (and by that I mean the teen side, ur almost there!) hope my choises sound like fun hav a great party!! :)

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I know stuff! Haha :)

how about Medieval Times? Disneyland? Laser Island? Disney World? Universal Studios? or if you want to go to a concert....um.....what about Paramore (if you dont like the black eyed pease) or (if you are a "belieber" which i am not) Justin Beiber Concert? Raging (rip off) Waters? Warner Brothers Village Theme Park (is that what it's called?)? or what about..............................six flags?

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A concert would be a good idea. Or you could all go on a trip together, like a cruise, but that might be expensive, or a beach trip for a weekend. Spend some quality time together before you turn into a teenager(; Haha. You will have lots of fun no matter what you do.
Hope this helps(:

im turning twelve to but um you should go to a concert or disneyland or sea world or some where fun but dont over do it good luck
can you answer my question
wish the best

you should just go out for a meal with them! :)

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