What are some cool party themes for adults?!

Question: What are some cool party themes for adults?
I am graduating with my Master's degree. I was thinking of having a party theme for my party to make it entertaining. What are some good ideas?


casino, you could even set up a poker with fake money (use fake money from board games, or make it) have anything that reminds of you a casino as decorations, and food, drinks of course, fancy ones though, and bar food.

madi gras- have allot beads hanging places, give some out to people when they come. go to the dollar for this. this is also good if you can use a outside.

hollywood- really glitz and glamour, have a red carpet, a picture of the oscar statue. appetizers as food. use colours gold and silver for decorations.

lingerer party jk

Backyard BBQ

or Going to somewhere like dinner


Cowboys and Indians
Film Characters
Childhood character

Have fun :)

Murder Mystery
Splatter Paint party


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