November Birthday Party?!


November Birthday Party?

My 6 year old daughter's birthday is in November, and I was wondering if anyone could give me a few suggestions for a birthday party. We were going to just take her up to the mountians for a ski day, but she would rather have a party with her friends from school.

She also wants to share her party with her dad because his birthday is the day before hers. I just don't know what kind of parties would be fun or any places to have a party in November.

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We don't really want to have a party at our house because our house isn't that big so it'd be too crowded.

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We don't really want to have a party at our house because our house isn't that big so it'd be too crowded. Six is still quite young so of course she'd like a party with her friends! Now a days there are plenty of businesses that cater to kids birthdays so check your local yellow pages. Even McDonalds offers birthday parties and if you go to one with the large indoor playscapes you've got indoor entertainment. Is there a Celebration Station in your area? Full of kids activities. If you don't want to have it at home you can rent a local room, try your parks and rec department, chamber of commerce, church hall or smaller local hotel. The smaller rooms don't cost that much. Or trade a favor with a friend and use their home. Then bring in your own entertainment and go with a theme. Hire a local clown to do tricks, twist balloons, hire a magician, a story teller, etc. LIttle girls love being little girls. Have a Princess Party and the kids can come dressed as a Princess or Prince. At their age it doesn't take a lot to amuse them so you don't need to go over board. A few games, a short video, again, a great 'princess' story and you're done. You can also do a little girls tea party, which has become very popular of late. This is your little girl's special moment so I'd make her the bell of the ball. Let Dad attend but keep his party separate so the spot light shines on your little one. how about just a big party at your house. with cake and all kinds of snacks and foods. or you can even take her to a place like chuck e cheese. where she wil be out playin with her friends and her dad and you and all your adult friends can sit at the table adn talk .. or even join in on the games. My friend's birthday is November 3rd. If it is at the beginning of the month, then you could have a Halloween party. Though if it is like in the 20s then I suggest you could go to Chuck E' Cheese or since she wants to share with her dad, you could all go ice skating and have a little party at the skate rink. I hoped that helped a bit. HOW EXCITING FOR A SIX YEAR OLD. ARTS AND CRAFT ARE VERY INTERESTING FOR CHILDREN OF THIS AGE BUY DECORATIVE FOAM FOR THE CHILDREN TO GLUE DESIGNS OR PASTE GLITTER AND OTHER THINGS OF THAT SORT. PARTY CITY HAS GAMES SUCH TOSSING BALLS INTO AN OBJECT OR TOSSING BURGERS INTO SCOOBY DOOS MOUTH YOU CAN RESEARCH THOSE ACTIVITIES OR GO TO YOUR LOCAL PARTY CITY. PAINTING ACT IVIES ARE ALSO FUN BUT KIND OF MESSY BUT YOU CAN SUPPLY T-SHIRTS OR RECOMMEND TO WERE DISPOSABLE SHIRTS THAT MIGHT GET PAINT ON IT. GET A LARGE SHEET HANG IT OUTSIDE AND SUPPLY SPRAY BOTTLES FOR CHILDREN TO PAINT A PICTURE FOR THE BIRTHDAY GIRL. FOR MY THREE YEAR OLD I HAD THE CHILDREN PLACE THEIR HANDS IN THE PAINT AND STAMP IT ON THE SHEET AND I WROTE THEIR NAMES UNDER THE HAND PRINT. THIS SHEET WAS FUN FOR THEM TO PAINT AND IT IS MEMORABLE FOR THE FAMILY TO LOOK BACK AT. I RECOMMEND ACRYLIC PAINT BECAUSE IT IS EAY TO WASH OFF ON SKIN BUT DOES NOT WASH OFF ON CLOTHINGS. Go the your local bowling alley, have them put up the kid's bumper guard so that there a no gutter balls. Eat junk food and cake at the bowling alley. If you go Saturday afternoon a lot of alleys have birthday packages for 10 people or so. The suggestion for the bowling alley is a good one because both age groups could enjoy the outing. I think that may be the best answer.

However, if you don't like that you could have a pizza party at your local pizzeria. For the kids, you could also make it a themed party and since the new movie "Ratatouille" is out you could center it around that. Tying the Italian theme of the pizza to the movie. Go to the Disney site (below) to get ideas for cake decoration and party decorations.

For the adults, just have pizza and maybe tiramisu for dessert. If you drink, you could order pitchers of beer which are usually pretty inexpensive at pizza parlors.

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