I'm 5'11''. How tall are you?!


I'm 5'11''. How tall are you?

Please give me a star if you don't mind, thanks.

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?X?XAshX?X? 5'4" 5'4" 5'6" 5'8 - why should you get a star? 6 foot even, yeah they grow them big in our family. Something in the water I guess. LOL

Oh, and there's your star. These darn things are weighing me down anyway! Im 5"3. Very small....... promise you wont laugh?...I am only 5ft short and I am done growing for the rest of my life...sure I will give you a star if you give me one...lol...jk here's your star and I am also 5'11" I'm 5'1" and don't mind giving you a star at all. 5' 9'' 5,5 6' i'm 166 cm .. (5'5) 5'11". 5.4. I want a star! 5'8 5'5 5"5' 5'0 5'8 5'2 no star for you! : ) 5'5" 6'1" 5'6'' and of course i'll give you a star you star! I'm 4'9. but comeon im only 11.

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