What is your favorite beer that I probably haven't heard of?!


What is your favorite beer that I probably haven't heard of?

I enjoy a Slovenian beer from the Lasko brewery.

Answers: Ochakovo from the Soviet Union Miller Chill. shiner bock from texas Alaskan Amber is a darn good beer and you might be able to find it in your location. In Montana we are blessed with some excellent micro-breweries, Moose Drool is one of the best from Big Sky Brewing. My husband likes an ale called Arrogant Bastard. Its pretty tasty, if you like ales.

http://www.arrogantbastard.com/index2.ht... The weirdest thing I drink is Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blond... that's not too weird...but good!! Nail Ale from Perth. Micro brewed for you in small batches by Spesh.
Get Nailed tonight! I like this kind called "cold beer." Sometimes it has different labels, different color bottles, and comes from different countries..... but one thing is for sure.... you can always tell it when you see it because the bottles are always frosty and sweating on the outside. Dead Guy Ale from Oregon... Moosehead, Alexander Keith's, SteamWhistle or Sleeman's Silver Creek.. beers brewed by Canadian microbreweries Red Stripe (from Jamaica) Boulevard Wheat (boulevard is a brewery in Kansas City, missouri) Boddingtons. Its even available in some places in the US.

Theakston's old peculiar is excellent, but I can only get it when I go back to the UK on trips. shiner blond, new castle, loan star (it's a good cheap beer), purple haze.... really I like any kind of beer... there is no paint in lying, I'm just a beer drinker! Warsteiner Dunkel or Franziskaner Club Weisse. But usually I drink Shiner Bock. Harps,
(From the brewers of Guinness).

Red Stripe (Jamaican beer). Paulaner Hefeweizen from Germany, maybe you have heard of it but to me it is one of the best beers on the planet along with Leffe Blond from Belgium, also very good. Red Dog from Plank Road Brewery Abbot Ale...only available in England and Diebels Alt from Germany. OLD SPECKLED HEN! i bought as a joke one time and i loved it! its made in england somewhere! Summit Pale Ale (Minnesota)

Chang Beer (Thailand)

Red Stripe (Jamaica) Yeah Boulevard Beer in KC rocks, from the Stout to the Wheat you cant go wrong. They also have seasonal beers that are good but I havent been able to find them in the west (Phoenix). Gotta smuggle them in when I visit over the Holidays. Ummmm a cold bully and some Gates BBQ classic. Kimberly has know taste in beer Red Dog is crap beer.It is a MIller product.Plank Road brewry is a front so people that know miller is piss water will try it!!!!!! The best beer for the money if you live in the north (near the canada border)or can find it at a better market or beer store.My choice for a good beer is Labatts Blue It's a pilsener but I think it's more of a logger,good taste and a good finnish and very consitint.Bud gives me the worst hangovers of late stay cleer of it and all Miller's crap

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