How many cups of Flour make up one kilo?!


How many cups of Flour make up one kilo?

Answers: I don't know what kind of flour Kanya is using, but as a certified pastry making traditional french bread using the metric system, I can tell you that 4 cups is not enough flour. I don't care if it's the driest day.
I does depend on humidity of the air. The answer of about 8 -9 cups is the closest to correct. about 3 1/2 cups of flour is about a pound. One kilo is approximately 2.2 pounds. Depending upon your climate will dictate which answer is correct. The best thing I can tell you is purchase a cheap scale. Source(s):
15 years experience as a ACF certified pastry Chef. An Associate's degree in Applied Science in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Certification from Lenotre in Paris, France in Traditional French bread production. Weight and volume are 2 different things
1 cup of flour is approx = 110 grams
(approx 9 cups) About a 1/2 cup shy of gettin your *** kicked! 8cups One kilogram ("kilo") equals 2.2 lbs. The amount could vary widely. It depends on the type of flour and the humidity in your home. Obviously the humidity level varies depending on the weather.

Proper measurement is essential in things like bread so to get a kilo you need to weigh it out each time. 240 grams = 1 cup
so 1000grams will be about 4 cups. One kilogram equals exactly 1000 grams. and this from another source..."if you measure a cup of flour by scooping in the container or sack, and then tapping and leveling the cup with a knife, you will get a flour weight of about 5 ounces (142 grams). If you measure flour the "right" way, by sprinkling or spooning flour into a cup until it is full, and then leveling but not tapping, you will get an amount of flour that weighs about 4 ounces (113 grams)." So, you see, it varies quite a bit dependingt on the method used! Also, there are 2 cups in a pound. And, 2.2 lbs in a Kg... so there are 4.4 cups in a kg then? This site will convert it for you just type it in and you get your answer to cups of flour to kilo.. it depends up on the size of cup u take,normallly standard sized cup measure upto250 gms when the flour measured in it is 4 cups of flour makes upto 1 kilo. depends on wat is the size of cup????????? It depends on the size of the cup man
If it is one kg capacity cup only one cup
If it is a half kg capacity cup then it is two

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