How do you make fried green tomatoes?!


How do you make fried green tomatoes?

I've had them once before, VERY similiar to fried okra but I'm not quite sure how to make them.... DELICIOUS!....HELP!!!

Answers: Classic Fried Green Tomatoes

* 4 to 6 green tomatoes
* salt and pepper
* cornmeal
* bacon grease or vegetable oil

Slice the tomatoes into 1/4 - 1/2-inch slices. Salt and pepper them to taste. Dip in meal and fry in hot grease or oil about 3 minutes or until golden on bottom. Gently turn and fry the other side. Serve as a side dish - delicious with breakfast! Source(s): Buy some green tomatoes, slice them, fry them. slice them, bread them with corn meal, and fry! I just made some this weekend for the first time. I mixed about half flour and half cornmeal with some salt and pepper. Then I salted some sliced green tomatoes, and let them set for a few minutes. I dredged them in the cornmeal mixture and then fried them in hot oil in a skillet, flipping them once when lightly brown. 1. Cut tomato to desired thickness
2. Dip in egg and milk mixture
3. Flour both sides
4. Fry until light brown on both sides ORIGINAL SOUTHERNER'S FRIED GREEN

fresh green tomatoes
vegtable oil

Slice tomatoes about 1/4". Spread on plate. Sprinkle salt evenly over tomatoes. Continue placing tomato slices in layer over previous layer and sprinkle with salt until all tomatoes have been salted.
IMPORTANT: LET THE TOMATOES SIT (ROOM TEMPERATURE OR REFRIGERATOR) AT LEAST SIX (6) HOURS. This removes water from tomatoes so that they will cook up nice and crispy.

Remove tomatoes from container. Mix flour, a little salt and pepper (to taste) in bowl. Coat each tomato slice with flour. LET SIT 30 MINUTES.

Heat oil in a skillet to medium high. Place tomatoes in oil. (Reduce heat when necessary). Let tomatoes brown on one side, then turn and brown on the other. When tomatoes are a golden brown, remove one at a time and place on paper towels to drain.

I'd say serve immediately, but they're so good, most family members hover around the stove to eat them as they are ready.

Good luck! you will need green tomatoes
a bowl of flour-it does matter some people use wheat
a bowl of eggs some people use just the whites but you can use the whole egg
cut the tomatoes in slice about 1/2 inch and take a slice at a time and dip iinto egg the the flour and drop them in a hot oil pan cook them on one side for about 15 minutes then flip them over like a pancake-they will have a brown look when they are done. but them on a plate and do the rest of them and fill the plate up --when done and enjoy!
some people say it is like cooking a eggplant and taste like too. If you grow your own tomatoes, pick them while they're green, if not... buy them

Mix together Flour, black pepper, white pepper, garlic (if you like it...) cayenne pepper (if you like a little spice) maybe salt (I don't add salt, everything has enough sodium already for me...) ...and anything else that sounds good with the tomatoes.

If you're doing it for the first time, you might just want to try Flour salt, and pepper, then add stuff later when you know what it's missing... (and amounts of stuff depend on what you like... 1 cup of flour, 1 tbs of pepper, and 1tsp of salt are about what I use...and then just sprinkle in everything else. You can also just use cornmeal or use cornmeal and flour.)

If your tomatoes aren't wet enough, use 2 egg whites and skim milk (or whole eggs and whole milk...) mix together

dip in the milk and eggs (if using), then in the flour mixture. Do this twice if you like the breading.

Fry in a skillet or deep fryer. Watch and time the first batch so you'll know how long it takes (depends on thickness... etc...)

repeat until all your tomatoes are gone. (duh...)

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