Are pickles good for you?!


Are pickles good for you?

Answers: pickles are cucumbers. sure they good for you. I don't think they have nutrients or very many calories. They are neither good nor bad for you. Whats not to like about em? There cucumbers in vinegar :) I have been told they were. well, they're a lower calorie food... but they have LOTS of sodium in them... it depends on your personal needs. If you can't have sodium due to heart problems or other factors, no they're not... but if you're just looking for a lower calorie food, then go for it. Wouldn't have a clue if they were good for you or not!
They taste great. I love my pickles. too much sodium. thats stuff will kill ya

eat a cucumber

or whatever you want to do with it They are only mini cucumbers and if normal cucmbers is good for you then I suppose pickles is also good for the only thing that can be bad for you is if you drink the vinegar fluid that they are in. Too much vinegar is not good for you.

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